Post 103: RFI for a story about Charity

Movember - Sponsor Me

Next has commissioned me to write a story about how charities use the net.

Are you involved with a group that does things like Movember (click the image above) or MS with the Gongride?

(Oh and feel free to click on the link or the image to sponsor me in either or both)

Drop me a line and we’ll tee something up! But do it fast I gotta write this by Oct 24th and will not be around on Oct 17-19.


Post 73: A new variety of ‘Worst pitch ever’ in which experts and chancers are intermingled to no-one’s benefit

I issue a lot of RFIs to the PR community, but often the responses are odd.

They go like this:

Me: I’m interested in chatting to people about a certain issue

PR: Would you like to talk to my client about this issue?

This is where it gets weird, because an awful lot of the time I have not met the client and do not know anything about their company. So it is impossible for me to judge if they have any expertise or are worth the time taken by an interview.

Experience tells me that often they will not be, because PRs try to shoe-horn their clients onto the phone in areas that are tangential or marginal. I have done many, many interviews of this sort that have been a BIG waste of time because the interviewee has very little to say.

Email responses of the type above usually see me respond that I would love to receive a little of the proposed interviewee’s thinking in advance, before deciding on an interview.

Fewer than 50% of those requests are met, which says to me that the proposed interviewee never knew anything in the first place.

Seems to me we could all save ourselves some time by cutting straight to the chase with a description of a proposed interviewee’s ideas on a subject BEFORE the back ‘n’ forth.

What do you think?

Post 54: RFI

I am writing a feature on emerging data centre technologies. The kind of thing that may seem a bit ‘SciFi’ but is rapidly becoming real.

Drop me a line to simon at jargonmaster dot com if you have anything you think belongs in the story.

Post Forty Nine: Request for Information

I’m writing a feature on whether or not IT and web startups deserve all the media attention they get.

Startups, after all,  are common as muck. But when’s the last time you read about a startup in a field other than IT in a business magazine?

If you have an opinion on this, let me know!

simon at jargonmaster dot com

Post Eleven: Request for information

One of the things this blog is for is to tell PR people and folks I know what I am working on.

This is the first such post.

I’m looking for creative uses of mobile phones that anyone (think your mum) might be interested in.

They might and up in a magazine.

Can’t tell you which one just yet. It’s a bit secret.