A long time ago …

… in the playground, I saw a carton of flavoured milk. It was just sitting there on the grass, out on the oval. Nobody was within metres of it. Being a teenaged boy, I stomped on it in anticipation of a nice loud bang being the result.

But it was full and I, and my friends. were covered in chocolate milk from the knee down. Nobody complained.

It looked forgotten. If you were going to drink it you wouldn’t just leave it out there on the grass, would you?


I once had a boss …

… who I thought was pretty smart. He had this neat plan for the business we worked on together.

One Day he showed me some details of that plan. It was a logo. An uninteresting logo. Not much more than a – literal – thought bubble with the business’ name inside.

“Nice art,” I said. “How’s the plan coming along?”

He didn’t know. More effort had gone into the logo than the business.

At that moment, I stopped thinking the boss was pretty smart. I worried about him and left the company not long afterwards.

The company was in deep trouble by then. I had to fight to get all the money I was owed.