A new blog project for 2012

In early 1992 I took six months off and went backpacking in Europe and the Middle East.
In early 2012, the 20th anniversary of that trip, I’m going to review my travel diaries, scan some of the photos I took and “re-blog” the experience in a (hopefully) weekly recount of the journey I made so long ago.
I’ve already started to read the diaries and I’m frustrated with the intentions of the younger me – I seem to have written with no particular reading experience in mind. As a and memoir or travelogue the diaries seem inadequate. Why was I so sloppy?
Revisiting the younger me is one of my definite aims this time, the better to understand the current me.
I have three other aims.
One is to digitise the diaries and photos, so they can be stored in durable form. In 1992 digital cameras were unavailable to consumers – even Apple’s QuickTake was two years away. This means I have a pile of fading photos. It’s worth noting, too, that in 1992 a roll of film was a significant investment for a backpacker so one did not take photos lightly. So there are not many to choose from. What there is deserves a review, a culling and the light of day fore the good ones.
Another aim is to create a hard cover book of the re-blog. I haven’t looked at the diaries or photos for most of the twenty years since they were created and would like a more accessible artefact. The likes of Blurb make that easy.
Thirdly, I want to recount the trip to my kids and wider family. In 1992 the Internet was not widely accessible and international phone calls were expensive. I set out alone and spent a few days with folks I met on the road, but conceived of the trip as a solo adventure. I called home occasionally and wrote letters every week. And I often had no idea what was going on in the wider world. I don’t think backpackers today have that isolation.
I didn’t think of it as isolation at the time. It was just the way things were that short twenty years ago.
I landed in Athens, my first port of call, on January 7th. I’ll write a prelude to that arrival soon explaining the reason for the trip and the preparation.