No flesh for lunch

I’ve made a New Year’s resolution: I will not eat flesh for lunch.

I’m an omnivore and I enjoy meat, but I’ve never been a big fruit and veg eater. I tend to be overweight.

Rather than go on a crash diet, feel all superior for a while and then backslide, I figured this year I should find a way to make long-term change to my eating habits.

Hence no flesh for lunch.

There are other reasons for the change.

I’m aware that meat is, by and by, not the friendliest product for/on earth. A lot of it is produced in nasty ways (a relative read Jonathan Safran-Foer’s Eating Animals and quickly gave up meat, this extract gives you the gist of it) through factory farming or unsustainable land use. I’m pretty sure that most of the meat I’d eat at lunchtime – cans of tuna, ham, salami, snippets of meat in food court meals, whatever it is that goes into pies, burgers and Subway sandwiches – probably falls into the worst categories of meat, given its low cost.

So this decision has a number of motivations. I think of it as a latte-leftie, guilty, fatty thing.

So far it’s proving a nice thought-starter. On Jan 1, driving home from a camping break, I discovered that McDonalds no longer has a meat-free offering. On Jan 3 I was taken out to lunch … at a steak house. That taught me there’ll be days I have to make exceptions.

But on other days I’ve had fun. An antipasto toasted sandwich is nicer than a tuna toasted sandwich. Today’s Haloumi, Olive and Tomato pizza was grand. Tzatziki and pita is delicious.

I’m looking forward to exploring new foods, re-emphasising fresh foods and perhaps being a little healthier along the way – if I can stay out of three-curries and rice for $8.00 indian joints.

Whenever I remember to do so, I’ll tweet my lunches with the hashtag #nofleshforlunch.