The results of my Apple vs. Microsoft auction experiment

Some of you may have read my last post,  in which I announced my way of celebrating the 1st birthday of WIndows 7 with an auction of my pristine, never-worn, Windows 7 t-shirt, cap, shopping bag and 2GB USB memory stick.

That auction was crosslinked with another for a frequently-worn Apple Store Sydney opening t-shirt, from 2008.

I’m a big, sweaty, guy. You don’t want to wear my old t-shirts. Trust me.

The result?

The Windows collection attracted 106 page views, five watchers and a couple of bids. The winner, who bid more than 24 hours before the auction closed, will pay $4.25 for the collection.

The Apple t-shirt attracted nine watchers, 12 bids and a final price of $51.00.

The proceeds of both auctions will be donated to MS Australia, as part of my participation in the Gong Ride.


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