My tribute to Windows 7

At the press launch of Windows 7, on this very day last year, I was kindly given a shopping bag, t-shirt, cap and USB memory stick all emblazoned with the Windows Flag and the date of the lauch: 22.10.09.

I mischievously wondered if there would be any fan interest in this stuff, the same way t-shirts from events like the opening of Apple stores appear on eBay not long after those stores open.

So I tucked away my Windows 7 kit, poppped a reminder in my diary for today and have posted two auctions.

One is for the pristine Windows collection.

The other is for the oft-worn Apple Store Sydney opening t–shirt.

Pics for each are below.

As this is loot acquired through work, I’ll be donating any or all proceeds to MS Australia, as part of my participation in this year’s Gong Ride.

And I’ll also blog about the result: I’ll be interested to see if anyone bites on either item.


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