Newspaper tourism

I’ve been a Sydney Morning Herald subscriber forever.

But early this year, I decided to take a newspaper holiday and subscribe to the Oz instead. I was tired of some of the Herald’s columnists: The current political writers are uninspired, IMHO, Gerard Henderson is going over the same old stuff over and over, while Miranda Divine’s illogic, prejudices and insistence on seeing movies as important cultural markers are real turn offs. Roy Masters’ comment pieces on league are seldom interesting these days.

So I’ve taken out a three-month sub to The Australian, but am not so far having much more fun. The paper’s campaigning is quite blatantly helpful to causes it favours, rather than the readership at large, the sport coverage is aloof  and I have found some political coverage to be very thin. Analysis of the Federal Government’s health plan has paid no attention whatsoever to the opposition’s alternative – or lack thereof. In the positive column is excellent world news coverage and analysis.

At this point, I imagine I might go back to the Herald when the sub ends, as I miss the local angle on stories. But I think The Weekend Australian could make more regular appearances in my home.