Post 11, 2009: My completely random guess at what Apple will do next

The Macosphere seems to have assumed for some time that Apple has a tablet device of some sort up its sleeve, perhaps in the form of a big iPod Touch that one could use as a web tablet at home (a bit like a CrunchPad). Or at least some kind of Netbook response.

I’ve been thinking about this and wondering what Apple could do. Experience tells me their stuff needs a value add and use case others won’t consider.

So I reckon Apple will make a laptop with a detachable touchscreen. Connect the screen and you’ll be able to use it as a normal computer, complete with full keyboard. Detach it and you get a virtual keyboard, but WiFi access to data and apps on the laptop hard drive. Or if the main laptop is powered down, you get a web tablet offering a browser and access to web apps.

Why this arrangement? My belief is that the iPod Touch and iPhone are used an awful lot as web tablets in the home and office. There’s demand for such a device. And there are times when a very light computer designed mainly for reading – and very light typing – is appropriate. Tieing the web tablet and netbook to the heavier duty computer – and keeping the whole package portable – has immense appeal, IMHO.

Do I have any evidence for Apple considering this approach?

Not a shred. Not an atom.

But over here similar ideas are at least getting an airing. I am not a lone nutter, for once.


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