Post 9, 2009: Enough already with the GFC as the reason to buy new IT

In product design laboratories around the world, are designers trying to make computing products more complex and more costly to operate?

Of course not.

Yet yesterday, and just about every other day this year, I’ve had vendors tell me their products are now money-savers and therefore essential for businesses impacted by the global financial crisis. As if more efficient products are not welcome in any financial climate. (And as if simply buying new products is the answer, given that there are also implementation costs to consider – and who has the free cashflow for that, these days?)

Yesterday’s event even advanced the argument that by making additional capex on new printers, businesses could improve their financial position to cope with the GFC by lowering costs. Somehow, throwing away old printers would also make them greener. And the whole announcement was supposed to represent the vendor’s very own “stimulus package.”

Spare me.

That’s what about half the journos in attendance at the event were also thinking, because they left half-way through. I reckon they did so because the event contained such crass simplifications of big issues.

Long story short? I reckon The GFC as a reason to buy IT has joined green IT as a dead meme, both killed by overuse, thin logic and reliance on stating the bleeding obvious and hoping it makes you look clever.


2 thoughts on “Post 9, 2009: Enough already with the GFC as the reason to buy new IT

  1. Printer makers might just get away with the GFC claims if they did something dramatic about the cost of ink and toner – which shouldn’t be beyond the wit of human ingenuity.

    Oh wait, it is, that’s why there’s a market in third party consumables.

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