Post 72:08 Green IT is a dead meme

Throughout the year, I have been pitched countless stories about green IT.

And a couple of weeks back, when I attended a PR training session, it was the ace in many PRs’ hands.

I didn’t fall for the bluff because in my opinion greent IT is a dead meme. Or at least a dormant meme.

I say this because most of the “green” IT I have seen this year has involved technologies that lower power consumption. But non have done so to a startling degree. Most have hit somewhere between 5% and 20%. With the price of power to rise dramatically and device proliferation continuining, that’s a small achievement. It also ignores the other ways in which IT consumes resources all the way along the supply chain, from the mine where raw materials come from upwards.

The other reason it is a dead meme is that everyone is now proclaiming their green-ness, meaning that being green becomes a bit like being secure. A vendor would never bring an insescure product to market. As of any second now, it will also be unthinkable to create technologies that cannot include some claim to green-ness in their feature list.

But hang on … I also said it could be a dormant meme. That’s because, I hope, there are big green innovations out there tat can differentiate a product. I hope I get to write about those in 2009. I expect to instead repel dozens more pitches about incremental power savings.


2 thoughts on “Post 72:08 Green IT is a dead meme

  1. Gday Simon, I have been trawling the net and came across your blog (I have to speak with you too, by the way, but will save that for an actualy working day)

    purely out of interest ….. why do you have the nowwearetalking site on your blog roll?

    Hey glad you’re riding bikes. I love ’em. Bummer about getting a loved one stolen though. I still feel the pain from a brand spanker stolen out of my house two months after I bought it.

    I’ll give you a call tommorrow (CeBIT related)


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