Post 67:08 Media literacy, permeation and expectation

One of the things that amazes me on my podcast is how good most of the interviewees are.

I expect it from the vendors – they’ve had media training and should be able to conduct an interview.

But the majority of interviews I do on the show are with people who just happen to work in the industry it covers. They’re not media trained.

But in 36 episodes, I have only had one interviewee who was so rambling that the interview was unusable. Everyone else has done great.

I give people a cue. I say “I’m going to go all ‘radio’ on you now” and then do a formal introduction before launching into the first question.

The quality of responses and the way folks fall so easily into the interview makes me think that the strucutre of these things has permeated very deeply into the public’s collective consciousness. So deeply, in fact, that mimicing it is not so hard.

The flipside of this famliarity, I think, is that people recognise a good interview when they hear it. Perhaps when media lets them down with material that does not meet their expectations, journalism starts to get its bum rap.


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