Post 54:08 Much better corporate social media

Vuki* was kind enough to send this link, to a Dell blog explaining one of the company’s new products.

It is actually pretty good because you get to see the product in action. The spokesblokes talk like real people and even make some dorky, self-deprecating, jokes that make them seem like real people, not corporate drones. After just two minutes of video, you get a nice feel for the product. Shame it’s not actually in a social media release (SMR): it comes from a blog.

This is soooooooo nicely different to a SMR that just does the usual PR yadda yadda in multimedia. It also, IMHO, just about kills the standard issue two-hour press lunch stone dead.

It also show how social media needs to be social. Think about the interactions you have every day with the people with whom you socialise. Do they ever commence a formal oration detailing the virtues of their positions? Heck no! Yet we are expected to believe that press release and corporate-speak are suddenly social just because they appear on YouTube.

Sigh … it took ten years for PR to figure out that putting pictures in every press release was a good idea. I give them another decade before they actually figure out how to convince their clients to speak like real people.

* Vuki does Australian PR for the company whose SMR I disliked.


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