Post 48:08 Plurk followup – Back to the (P word) future

Well I now quite like Plurk, so I suppose you can add hypocrite to the other adjectives that can successfully be applied to me.

The main reasons I like it more are:

  1. It has some nice bits Twitter does not
  2. I have figured out how to get Plurks into Twitter.

The second point, however, makes me wonder if the folks at Hellotxt and the hoard of other social networking aggregators are not really on to something here. Something like a  … oh god I don’t want to say it … something like a portal.

Remember them? Portals are SOOOOOOO 1996. But here they come again, IMHO.

This time, however, I expect them to be different. I reckon once Data Portability gets its shit together, people will build portal apps so you can scrape all your social nets into one bucket without the need to visit multiple pages. Of course that will rob social networks of eyeballs that should be busily beholding ads for monetisation purposes. A tasty shitfight will ensue.


One thought on “Post 48:08 Plurk followup – Back to the (P word) future

  1. Hey – nice flip flop! You could run for office man 🙂

    Don’t sweat it – we’re all entitled to change our minds.

    Bottom line is – theres some aspects twitter kicks plurk in and some that Plurk wins.

    i still hold by the “Don’t diss things’ just cos Scoble sez so” remarks of my other comments. that should be a T-shirt “This site sucks – Scoble Sez so!” LOL

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