Post 43:08 One of the weirdest PR tactics I have ever encountered

I received a mail last week from a vendor, which let me know that in the near future it will release a preview of a soon-to-be-released product.

The email offered me the chance to register to be told when the preview of the product will become available.

And that was it. Links in the mail sent me to some web pages containing information about the soon-to-be released product, plus a link to a press release announcing the imminent preview.

To me, this was just another shoddy way of trying to get me to read press releases, so I replied with my usual request to be spared further such missives.

This sparked a reply from the vendor’s PR, in which they said they find it hard to communicate with me.

Thing is, there was basically no news whatsoever in this. Being told I have the chance to register for a future pre-release download seems to me to be wasting everyone’s time. Why not just tell me when the download is available and save the time of letting me know about the registration period?


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