Post 41:08 Email is a great PR tool …

PR: Here’s a dazzlingly important piece of information you should act on …. FAST!

Me: I could be vaguely interested.

PR: I am out of the office returning next week sometime (and therefore only able to respond in a manner that is not timely and therefore renders my previous offer to you a total dud).

Okay … the bit in italics isn’t in the out of office message. But it should be.


Email from PR: Come to an event, please.

Me: (Thinks: Hmmmm … does this invitation have a date on it? Or a location? I’m reading really, really carefully … hmmm … there’s a contact for the PR on it. Maybe it’s one of those things where they want to get early numbers before they tell you where it is. So let me call the PR.)

Hi … PR? I’m well, thanks. Where and when is your event?

PR: Ummm … it’s on the invitation.

Me: Not that I can see.

PR: It’s on the 28th.

Me: (Searches the email for the number or wording for 28 ) Umm … No it isn’t.

PR: Can I use the F-word?

Me: I have no objections.

PR: F. F. F. F-ity-F! Do you know how many people approved this invitation?

No I don’t.


For another doozy, that goes like this.

Mail from PR: Simon, can you tell me something.

Me: (About five minutes later) Yeah sure, here we go …

Mail from PR: I am not in the office …

Sure, Out of Office is good. But in the middle of a conversation? Pffft!


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