Post 39:08 What’s the story?

I keep having weird exchanges with PRs at the moment.

They start like this:

PR: Would you like to interview my client, who sells [insert category of product] and want to talk about why it is terribly important in the context of some big meme [like green IT].

My reply is nearly always:

Why is this terribly important?

To which PRs respond:

Because they sell things that help with [big meme].

Long experience of dull interviews with little news value leads me to believe that most of the time the vendor concerned is either:

  • Late to the party on [big meme] and playing catchup
  • Bandwagoning
  • Re-branding their previous position to take [big meme] into account
  • All of the above

Nonetheless, I worry that I am, sometimes, missing out on a chat that could enlighten or educate me (even though I expect tedious key messages)

How to get me enthused about actually conducting the interview? Personalise the pitch. Make an argument about a story, instead of just saying [big meme] is very important and we have an analyst who agrees. Name the publication you think the story belongs in. Go beyond the meme to actually explain how what you do is different, better and represents unusual insight into the issues at hand, rather than just saying your client is clever and keen.

Weirdly enough, I’m seeing this kind of (good) stuff mostly directed at my SmartCall podcast, the newest of  all my gigs. But most of the time, the pitches are terribly bland.


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