Post 37:08 Hey PRs: let’s collaborate online

I’ve recently changed my mind about online collaboration tools like GoToMeeting.

Long story short, if you have a decent broadband connection, they work.

And it’s time they were used for a lot more PR work.

Here’s why. I’ve argued before that asking people to hurl themselves across our crowded, congested, cities for a meeting is not a good use of time. For a self-employed person like myself, it is doubly dubious.

Online collaboration can deal with this at a stroke. The technology is mature and easy to use, in my experience.

I mention this all in light of one vendor who has today, through their PR agency, repelled my request for a phoner instead of a face to face. Apparently there is something I might be able to “see” in a F2F meeting. But because I have no idea if it is news or vendor fluff, I do not know if it is worth the investment in travel time to attend. Hence my desire for a tele-meeting of some sort.

The PR has said she will ask the vendor if they are amenable to the online meeting. If they are not, I’ll be gobsmacked. This stuff works. We should all be making it a part of the way we work.

The PR comeback may be that F2F meetings are important relationship builders. But don’t forget: journos want stories. It’s nice to get to know you better. But what really matters is the story. That’s what we do for a living!


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