Post 32:08 Marketing history in the worst possible way

Ugh. The Powerhouse Museum has hooked up with Hotmail to create Email Australia, a half-arsed attempt at creating an archive of email.

It’s a mess because you can only submit things from Hotmail. So unless you have a Hotmail account, you cannot play. Which means people are going to be opening new Hotmail account, thereby giving MSN more inventory in which to place ads.

Now you would reckon that a museum would understand that this deal is really just nourishing a commercial entity while diluting the value of its own brand and therefore its credibility.

What’s that you say? You’ve visited the Powerhouse’s IT collection lately and they did not have much credibility to begin with?

Couldn’t agree more.

But it gets worse. I heard the guy from the Powerhouse on the radio this morning and they plan to print out the results. Really. It’s not an April Fool.

But that whoosh you just heard was indeed the sound of credibility flying out the window!

Maybe that’s the fate this one deserves. Trying to build an historical archive via. a marketing promotion (with prizes!) deserves the worst possible fate, especially when the National Library of Australia’s Flickr project was done with so much grace and goodwill compared to this shabby exercise in pimping for Microsoft.

2 thoughts on “Post 32:08 Marketing history in the worst possible way

  1. Anyone with any email address can submit emails for the archive. All emails will be submitted to the Powerhouse Museum for archiving. The terms and conditions relating to the archive are at
    – they should not be confused with the term and conditions for the competition.

    Yes you need a Hotmail address to enter the competition; however this is separate from the archive.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Matthew.
    (Note to self: this proves difference between blogging and journalism, I would never have made these assertions as a journalist. As a blogger, I went nuts)

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