Post 30:08 The new logo was a waste of time after all (for the marketing industry, anyway)

Check out Post 27:08.

I did indeed do it as a phoner and am happy that I did.

It turns out there was never any intention to discuss news.

The main theme of the phoner was that virtualisation creates backup problems. The discussion of the new logo revealed two interesting nuggetoids, the first being that it took 18 months to convince the company’s CEO that its brand was indeed in the dunny and needed a refresh. The second was that changing logo has cost “several million dollars.”

It seems that logos are very expensive.

Indeed, just this morning I got a press release from our new Comms Minister Stephen Conroy detailing this spend on digital television:

• $8.5 million for the Australian Communications and Media Authority to
undertake technical switchover-related projects, including an evaluation of
digital TV transmission and reception throughout Australia.
• $4.8 million for a ‘Digital Tracker’ to assess issues such as public awareness
of digital switchover, intention of households to convert and actual conversion
• $1 million over two years for research into digital reception problems in multiunit
dwellings with a shared TV antenna system.
• $6.7 million for a logo and labelling scheme to clearly indicate which products
are digitally ready, ensuring Australian consumers can be informed and
confident about what products will suit their needs.
• $16.9 million for the Digital Switchover Taskforce, which will coordinate the
switchover program within the Department of Broadband, Communications
and the Digital Economy.

The figure that interests me most is the $6.7 million for the “logo and labelling scheme.” I think that can safely be translated as going to marketing people. Heck, there might even be a PR lunch to reveal the logo to the public. I can already say I’ll almost certainly decline that invitation in light of yesterday’s events.


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