Post 23:08 A modest, green, prpsl

The hottest meme in IT right now is green. Every IT company on the planet is making kit that uses less juice than its last lot of planet-wreckers and aggressively touting themselves as tree huggers of the highest order.

Never mind that the real issue here is the folding stuff. Electricity prices are going through the stratosphere. So while causing less carbon to be hurtled skywards is nice, the real reason users care about this is the cost of running computers these days. And in future days, given that electricity prices will only get higher once emissions are taxed. I wrote about this here.

Anyway … here’s my modest proposal about how to help out.

My .sig file consumes 26K as a Word file but only 329 bytes as a text file. I send my .sig file out into the world about 50 times a day. Routers have to process that. Disks spin to store it. That all uses electricity. So if I used text instead of Word, or did not send my .sig file at all, I would save power.

And think what would happen if I uzd SMS spk to wrt instd of norml wrds. Mor byts savd.

I cld also unsub frm eml lsts I nvr read, 2 sav mor lxtricet.

Th pssbilites r nls.

We cn sav th plnt ths way.

What r u waitin 4?

(Less punctuation would not hurt either)


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