Post 21:08 Saving my neck by getting unwired for sound

For as long as I have done journalism I have had a sore neck and a sweaty ear, thanks to the need to jam the phone between ear and shoulder during interviews.

I’ve tried all sorts of things to sort that out, but may finally have found a solution: BlueTooth.

I won a DJ style bluetooth headset/microphone the other day. The bluetooth dongle for my PC is in the mail. The softphone (X-lite)  is installed and speaking to my SIP server very nicely and has sucked up all of my Outlook contacts.

So the idea is to have the softphone audio run over the bluetooth headset, which will also bring me music through the day. My neck will not be sore, and my podcasting headphones and their long wire will not be dragged all over the floor any more. I’ll never need to dial a number, which means my desk can be handset free. And I’ll be able to wander as I chat. I’ll also wire my mobile to the headset, so I can stop worrying where I left the mobile and leave it plugged in on my desk.

Whether it is possible to make all of these components speak to each other, I do not know. But I sure intend to try – I’m tired of having a sore neck.


2 thoughts on “Post 21:08 Saving my neck by getting unwired for sound

  1. The headset is working a dream and the soft-phone is good.
    I’ve not been able to get the headset microphone working, although I can get the sound into the headphones and then use my podcast microphone, which is powerful enough to do the job.
    Over Easter I will make the definitive tests when I disable my ATA and have only one SIP client operating.

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