Post 19:08 Pounced upon!

An interesting email reached my Inbox this morning.

“Hello –

I noticed your recent post on Topic X and that My Client made your list . I would love to put you in touch with the CEO of My Client, to learn more about their technology, company story and what makes them different.

Would someone on your staff be available to speak this Friday?  He is based in Seattle, Wash. and is on Pacific Standard Time

– when would be the best time for you to speak with him?”

At first glance, a pretty good pitch. It responds to a demonstrated interest, after all.

But it got me mad. The PR is from the USA, I am in Australia. I got a “hello” instead of a personalised greeting, when it would have taken about five seconds to figure out my name. I love the assumption I have staff which is fair but also shows a very US-centric world view. Not everywhere do editors have staff! And above all, the PR concerned has obviously spent about a nanosecond – if any time at all – on the site where the story was published as it simply does not do company profiles that cover “technology, company story and what makes them different”, making the offer a dud.

I suspect that what happened here was that the PR in question has a Google News Alert set up to track her client. Once the story I wrote popped up, she pounced on me.

With a tiny little bit more research and care, the pounce could have been effective. As it is, it was sloppy and a time-waster for all concerned.


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