Post 117: I’m voting for …

For me this election campaign has added up to this:

Liberal: We got you into this mess, only we can get you out of it because the other mob are unionists.

Labor: We have some shiny new ideas and we are not the other guy.

And the winner is?

For me, Labor. At least they are coherent.

The Libs lost me (logic-wise, not affections-wise) on the day Howard said he wanted to take Australia away from being a welfare state but then announced handouts to cover educational expenses including private school fees, as it showed his ideology is divorced from his policy. The gap between the two is filled by costly expediency: My family is pretty well off yet is eligible for plenty of welfare we do not deserve. I suspect the many, many handouts on offer these days have given Australians a false sense of entitlement that will serve the country poorly for years.

And that from the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” Tories.

When a political party gets that confused about how to achieve its desired outcomes, its gotta go.

Oh yeah … and I really HATE Howard. But I am worried that Rudd has Blair-like  shallowness.


2 thoughts on “Post 117: I’m voting for …

  1. @ampersandduck. agree, the smart dogs learn all the tricks required to have their master feed them well. he knows they are the biggest potential market in the world and possibly the next super-power.

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