Post 104: Ignorance

Today’s whacky phone call …

PR: Simon, I see you are writing a feature on software development ‘Methodology X’. My client has a customer and we could probably get you in touch with them.

Me: Erm … does the customer practice ‘Methodology X’

PR: Oh yes … the customer uses my client’s software to develop software.

Me: But does the customer practice ‘Methodology X’?

PR: Pardon me …. but what is ‘Methodology X’?

Me: [Offers sketchy and ill-articulated description of ‘Methodology X’] while thinking …

Golly! Methodology X has been one of the hottest things in the world of software development for a few years now, how can someone PR-ing software development tools not know about it?

PR: Oh … I’m not sure if my client does that or not. Can I send you a link to their website?

Me: Can’t hurt.

A little later …

The URL arrives in my email. It contains only the absolute URL and offers instructions on which other bits of the site to visit in case Methodology X is discussed there.

Just another day on the coalface.


Have since had a follow up

PR: Actually, my client employs one of the great founding gurus of ‘Methodology X’. Would you like to speak with him?

Me: Would I ever!

So … a happy ending. But it sure was a silly start.


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