Post 101: Social PR at work

A couple of interesting social PR attempts in the last couple of days.

One was an invitation to an event via Facebook which I must say I found quite confronting.

Facebook is a place where I interact with MY friends. Friend is the operative word. I’ve had many PR people offer me friendship and have generally accepted out of politeness, not because they are actually my friends. For me making Facebook another channel of interaction for this work stuff was too much and also did nothing that email did not already do. I’ve de-friended the PR concerned and will start to de-friend others too because I want Facebook to be for real friends, not a way for the ecosystem I work in to contact me.

The other was a direct Twitter message. Once I figured out this was not SMS spam. I was intrigued as why anyone would use Twitter for this when email is just as good.

I replied anyway. But the interaction felt weird because Twitter does not feel as robust as email. I don’t have a permanent record on the desktop of my Tweets.

Still, good to see two attempts at making it work. In fact, better than good. I’ve whinged elsewhere that in 12 years of interaction with PR I have hardly seen innovation beyond Spam/Lunch/PowerPoint. Kudos to those trying it!


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