Post 100: Chinese whispers

It’s probably just a co-incidence but I’ve had a call this morning which is one of many (about one a week) that goes like this:

PR: Hi Simon, my colleague said I should call you about our client

Me: Umm … why?

PR: My colleague says you wanted to

Me: I cannot ever recall saying that to your colleague. (And I really mean this, by the way. If I mess this stuff up, I apologise to people)

PR: Oh, sorry.


Me: Aaaah … I remember. I asked your colleague for more information about something. Do you have that information?

PR: No.

Me: Can you get it?

Then things go really pear shaped, as with one call where the PR who called me was new on the account and knew nothing about the products concerned.

Anyway, just another day on the coalface and no need to draw conclusions here. It all speaks for itself.

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