Post 93: One of the classics

I’ve just had a phone call that is one of the classics, especially for freelancers.

It goes a little something like this:

PR: Hi Simon, are you interested in coming to our event

Me: When is it?

PR: Tomorrow?

Me: (Says) Tomorrow?

(Thinks) Tomorrow? No-one sends out invitations to an event 24 hours only in advance. I bet that they are not getting a very good response from the people they really wanted to attend. Hang on … that makes me a second class citizen! 😦 If this event is appropriate to me, why wasn’t I invited in the first round of invitations?

PR: Yeah, sorry for the late notice

Me: (Says) Sorry, I cannot make it to something on such short notice

(Thinks) Why should I bail out your stupid event if you consider me to be a second-class fill-in?

PR: Oh well, sorry.

Me: Maybe next time.

This one is a bit of a timeless classic. I get it four or five times a year.

So, dear PR readers, why not just ask all the freelancers in the first round? If we are good enough to bulk out the numbers, surely we are good enough from the start.


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