Post 92: PR is very hard sometimes

Over the weekend I noticed a job ad in the newspaper … and I know the current holder of the job.

There were only two options:

  1. He’d been promoted
  2. He’d left

Either way, I had no choice but to ask the company concerned what was going on.

I started with their PR agency and asked ‘Why is your client hiring a new MD?’

They had no idea so I explained how I knew.

‘Gee that’s discrete’ was the reply, which was actually pretty good under fire!

The PR agency then swung into action and, quickly and impressively, confirmed the facts, crafted a statement and let me know what is going on.

Next time the company concerned hires a senior exec, I do hope that it:

  1. Tells its PR agency
  2. Decides to use a slightly less obvious form of advertising

I, meanwhile, have the nice ‘got a scoop’ feeling, even if it is via the most obvious means available!

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