Post 91: You only read when I am being nasty!

I’ve just had a look through the stats for the blog and it gets a lot more hits when I am dishing out on PR people.

All my big spikes come from angry rants.

There’s a strong trickle of would-be audio book thieves, a few people looking for Australian political debate and some people looking for information about the invention of electricity.

But they all do nothing for traffic compared to a good name and shame of a PR.

Which raises two issues:

  1. I generally try to be constructive, so making the blog all about anger is not my go
  2. The blog seems to be read and digested: several PRs seem to be taking up the suggestions I make on this blog

Where to from here?

Most of my posts are spur of the moment rants.

Anyone out there care enough to suggest what they would be interested in reading here?


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