Post 90: Some good, some bad

Just read this post ‘How to pitch to a blog‘ over at The Bad Pitch Blog.

There’s a lot to like in it.

There’s also a lot of incredibly basic stuff I’m kind of stunned needs to be said in the context of any pitch to any type of writer.



3 thoughts on “Post 90: Some good, some bad

  1. The post leaves out a critical question: Have you started blogging yourself?

    Pitching is certainly part of the blogger outreach mix. However, it’s not the only approach, and often it’s not the best.

    Once you become a blogger yourself, you quickly realise that the best approach for many purposes can be to simply express your opinion through your blog (etc) while counseling your clients who are doing the same.

  2. Well, seeing as writing about security is one of your gigs, why not start with the Avert Labs blog. I’d be happy to arrange a face-to-face introduction to Queensland correspondent Nishad Herath the next time you’re in Brisbane or he’s in Sydney. Are you going to the Australian Blogging Conference? It’s up that way.

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