Post 89: The telephone is a wonderful invention

A lot of my correspondence with PR is generated by pitches which perplex me.

So I write back with some questions about why my readers should care about the topic on offer.

This can sometimes be hard to explain.

Sometimes it generates wonderful cut and paste jobs where boilerplate gets offered as argument. So let me say right off that ‘Company X provides scalable solutions to make its clients optimally productive’ is not ever going to get through my BS filters.

On other occasions strange, stilted conversations ensue in which several Q&A go back and forth, sometimes over days.

Now call me old fashioned, but those conversations could probably happen as … prepare for a shock … phone calls. Analog, PSTN phone calls even!

We could ask each other questions one after the other, with no need for a lapse between emails, none of the panic that comes with trying to interpret the precise meaning of an email. We could have a conversation in which you could learn more about my questions by listening to the tone of my voice. We could probably get more done.

I know lots of journos hate being phoned. I do not, largely because I think it is more efficient than email which is best for starting a conversation and rubbish at sustaining one.

Give the phone a go, PR readers! You’ll find the phone is a wonderful invention.


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