Post 85: An idea for a new media/PR dialog

I’m guessing that more than 80% of my interactions with PR end with me saying no to their pitch.

That can’t be good for anyone given we are all selling our time!

So here’s an idea for a new dialog.

What if I were to post the stories I write here after they are published and explain the choices that went into them? What content made it? Why other content did not. Why I decided an interview would  not add to the piece?

Or I could do an annotated Word version of the story, if my editors are a bit squeamish about having the process so exposed.

Any interest, anyone?

My desired outcome would be more targeted PR with fewer knockbacks and less time wasted all round.

Any opinions on this kind of dialog?


4 thoughts on “Post 85: An idea for a new media/PR dialog

  1. I like the idea because a) it’s constructive feedback; and b) as you’d know, we often have to provide this feedback to our clients, who also need to be educated on the process.

  2. Dunno if this would give PRs more leverage over me. But if, a Linda suggests, it makes clients better educated and results in more reasonable expectations (they always want to be in the financial press) then it could be interesting.
    What’s the next step then?

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