Post 84: Articulation or the lack thereof

A couple of times this year a certain vendor’s PR has tried to excite me about chatting with a representative of the vendor.

On both occasions I have responded to the consultant by asking for more detail.

On the first occasion, only the MD of the agency possessed sufficient knowledge about the client to be able to answer my questions.

Even he had only a sketchy command of the issues. Which speaks volumes about team depth etc.

On the second occasion, I responded to the pitch with a couple of questions. Neither were answered and when I followed up, the agency assumed I wanted an interview.

Nope. What I wanted was information that would help me understand if the interview was going to be worthwhile and the kind of topics it would cover.

After both incidents I was left feeling that the vendor was very poorly served by its PR, who were unable to articulate what it does or the value of those products and services.

The tragedy of that inarticulate engagement was rammed home to me yesterday when I heard someone from the vendor in question speak. He was pretty good. He had strong hooks. He got it. And there was evidence of real engagement, rather than the usual ‘we are the answer to society’s problems’ spiel.

Why can’t the PR articulate that so that my interest gets converted into interviews instead of frustrating back and forths?

Why is the vendor paying for that PR?


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