Post 81: When the slogan is a lie

I’ve just had a call from someone who works for a company whose slogan is ‘Building better businesses through relationships’.

The company concerned is some kind of marketing agency.

I had never heard of them before until I looked them up after the call, which I needed to do because the person who called identified herself as being from one of the company’s clients.

She then proceeded to ask if I had received a press release issued on behalf of that client.

I had not.

I explained that I prefer not to receive press releases and even if it had made it into my inbox (that it did not tells you about other aspects of the company’s competence), I would not have used it as I simply do not write about the kind of thing the press release covers. In any case I do not ever write news based on press releases. As a freelancer, I need to add more value than that for my editors. Oh and the release was issued five business days ago.

So here we have a company that claims relationships are the key to success, yet is spamming media that it obviously knows nothing about. And its people will not even take the time to introduce themselves properly so that media they speak to can begin to understand the kind of relationship at work.

Funnier still is the fact that the company concerned’s website has a massive Flash movie introduction that makes it hard to learn about it. So the ‘relationship’ company has barriers to you even reading its silly mission statement. And rather than demonstrating any understanding of how to foster relationships, the company is practicing low-level PR rather badly.

This kind of behaviour, where the corporate position is actually a thin veneer, is in my opinion the reason so many people have become distrustful of service providers and wary of marketing messages.

Me? I’m just plain annoyed (but unsurprised) and now think less of the company that sent the release. And I think the marketing agency is a joke.

See how powerful this marketing stuff is?


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