Post 77: Achoo! A modest proposal

How long will it be before Horse Flu gets political?

Part of me thinks that in the current climate neither side will be immediately leaping into action.

But both sides are also finding it hard to pass up any sort of point-scoring opportunity. I reckon it won’t be long before some kind of rescue package gets floated, which will be bloody hard to rebut.

Which way does the horse racing industry vote, anyway?

Interesting, meanwhile, to see that the economic effects are already being reported.But as my wife pointed out, it is ancillary industries like millinery that may be the silent victims – those guys basically rely on the big racing carnivals for their coin!

In any case,  let me offer a modest proposal that could help in these horse-deprived times.

Bicycle racing.

Imagine that, instead of racegoers turning up to watch the horses charge down the straight, they instead got all dressed up to see mountain bike riders churning up the turf. We could put some berms and jumps around Randwick, Caulfield, Flemington and Rosehill. The crowds would love to see the lycra-clad riders (of both genders, naturally) and their shiny iron steeds.

Cycling would love the exposure (and the kickbacks from the TAB). Racegoers would still get to have their afternoons out.

Okay … maybe not quite the same. But worth a try?


One thought on “Post 77: Achoo! A modest proposal

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