Post 75: Geek-bait

I get so many hits (10% of all traffic) from my references to a torrent of William Gibson’s ‘Spook Country’ that I think it is time for an experiment.

I will involve a list of things any minute now that I think represent geek-bait.

Let’s see what that does to traffic!

  • Watchmen Movie torrent
  • Neal Stephenson torrent
  • Vernor Vinge torrent

Of course this means that even less of my readers will actually care about my ideas.

Which is not good.

But at least I’ll be learning more about this whole traffic/tagging caper which is one of the reasons I run this thing.


None of the above are working. Time to try:

  • Ratatouille torrent
  • Bourne ultimatum torrent
  • Stardust movie torrent

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