Post 71: Musings on PR 2.0

A few weeks back Phil Sim suggested that he thinks all media releases will soon be available on RSS.

I hope he is right. I don’t dislike media releases entirely, even though they are increasingly full of the worst imaginable marketing gumpf.

It’s the assumption that I want them and the intrusion into my work they create which that irritates me most, given that PRs send them knowing there is only a slim chance I care about the content. (For example, out of the blue Philips started sending me releases about electric razors a while ago. I simply do not cover that sort of item) So the chance to ‘pull’ them via. RSS rather than have them pushed into email is attractive.

Of course this raises the fact that most online press offices are embarrassments. 10 years into the Internet revolution and most vendors still do not have online image libraries. Their releases therefore lack any pointers to those images. And don’t get me started on how slack it looks when the ‘Media’ section of a website has not been updated for years. It happens with disturbing frequency and makes it unlikely most companies will get RSS up and running!

Frankly, that should not be the case. Creating a decent online PR office complete with RSS can now be achieved using a blog. And if it takes more than an afternoon to whip it up, I would be very surprised.

So what does this mean for PR?

Well … for mine there is now no excuse for not having a good online PR office and keeping it updated, with RSS on tap. I’d happily add those feeds to my feed reader, for companies I track.
I’d be reading them in my own time, of my own volition which, (suprise!) could mean I read them. Which I do not now.


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