Post 70: If this is what you need to do to get customers, what does it say about your product?

A couple of days back I installed some new emoticons for MS Windows Live Instant Messenger.

Along the way I forgot to untick the boxes that said ‘Make Microsoft the default for everything’.

The changes that were made were quite easy to undo, other than the default search engine in the address bar.

I have used address bar search for yonks. It’s great: type “?” into the address bar and then your search term. Up come the results. No farting around with toolbars etc …

But Firefox does not have a Gui-fied way to change the address bar search. Maybe too few people use it to make it worth the trouble.

Whatever the reason, it took a bit of Googling to find out how to restore my preference and then some messing around that would scare the bejeezus out of plenty of computer-owners.

I acknowledge that it was my mistake that led to this whole mess.

But I’ve never had a program reset the address bar search default before. And finding out how to change it back is non-trivial.’

To me it does not say good things about the search product in question that it has to go to these lengths to win customers.

And the sting in the tail? Searching on Live could not find me an answer. Google could.


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