Post 68: OMG – his name is Kevin!

By now you know that Labor leader Kevin Rudd has a groovy website, Kevin07.

It’s quite impressive. The ALP has even mastered the dark arts of T-shirt quality, noting that its apparel is “… white, 185 gram, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk t-shirts.”

That’s the kind of detail I expect from a T-shirt shop, not a political party.

But enough of this stuff. What really hits me between the eyes about this site is that Kevin Rudd’s name is, well, Kevin.

Say it a lot. Kevin. Kevin.Kevin.Kevin.Kevin.Kevin.

It doesn’t sound very statesmanlike after a while, does it?

IMHO I think Kevins are bruising full forwards, truck drivers with hairy backs and bacon stains on their blue singlets and the like.

Not well-groomed smartypantses.

It makes me wonder if I can actually bring myself to vote for a bloke called Kevin.

Kevin … Kevin …. see the problem?


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