Post 60: A new use for Twitter?

One of my gigs is editing, a network of five sites for IT pros on subjects like security and VoIP that interest them.

Like everyone else online, we are looking for traffic.

So today I fired up a new profile, The plan is to post a link to our new stories on Twitter and see what happens as Google registers the presence of incoming links from third parites. We’ll promote it via our newsletters etc too. And I’ll whack up an extra feed here, even though that may be a bit zeitgeist-bruising.

It’s a small step into social media but it took five minutes from having the idea to being operational, perhaps because there is no tag cloud or folksonomy to master or anything like that!

That means any ROI will be insane, especially as it will give us the RSS feed we have lacked in minutes while our developers work away on other things.

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