Post 57: The futility of surveys

PR: Hi Simon, our client the big important security vendor is releasing a report based on their new survey tomorrow

Want to know what happens next?
I have long since assumed that all security vendors allege largeness and importance and all emit reports on how bad things are on the security front as often as humanly possible to make sure the world knows that their software is, in fact, necessary and not some uncalled-for tax.
So the question “Would you like to interview them about it?” is utterly useless until one can see the actual report because knowing what is in the report  is more or less a pre-requisite for agreeing to an interview about it, because unless you know what’s on offer you cannot judge if the report is worth an interview – Duh!
It is also a silly question because there are  so many security reports that I have long since decided they can only be covered by letting the reader know that they are done by vendors to float their own boats. I devised a format to deal with this a while back called ‘SurveyWatch

Me: Oh just send the report and we’ll make up our mind once we have read it

Likelihood of coverage?



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