Post 56: Wow! Actual Social PR!

Kudos to my mate Tim in London.

While I hear heaps of stuff about Social PR and PR 2.0, he’s bloody well doing it. And doing it well, IMHO.

Google his client ‘Truphone‘ and you’ll see what I mean – the main hits are the company’s blog, press room, YouTube posts, Wikipedia entry and even a Slashdot mention.

He’s even set up a Facebook group which has 200+ members and very vibrant user chat.

He’s a one-man band. But I have never seen anything like this from a larger agency.

Kudos, Tim. Much kudos.


Tim learned about this post via Truphone, who have set up a Google News Alert on their name. This meant he knew about it before I had a chance to email him about it.

Smart, smart, smart.

Now come on you Aussie PR lurkers – let us know if you have done anything similar?


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