Post 53: Why Howard is in trouble

Millions of bits have been spilled over John Howard’s YouTube appearance.

Sure it is not a cool video at all.

But for me that misses the point.

The content is what sucks.

About 30 seconds in he mentions ‘practical’ responses to climate change.

There’s the problem.

If Australia is so prosperous, why is everything this government does so staid and practical? Where’s the flair? Where’s the signs that we are really living it up?

Where’s the indication we can break through to a new level , instead of just being practical.

And where’s the leadership on an issue which scares the bejeezus out of people? A threat to the entire fraggin’ species is no time for being ‘practical’.

It’s a time for being  bold.

That’s why, IMHO, our ‘steady as she goes’ leader is in trouble. Without a bold vision that articulates how Australia will improve, beyond people having jobs and a tax system that favors working families, everything else seems rather hollow.

Of course I am the least typical Australian of them all. I do not watch commercial TV, listen to the radio, live in an outer suburb, particularly like cars,  or have a job (I work for myself).

So I will almost certainly be proven wrong when the Libs win again!


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