Post Forty Eight: Four days later, one football arrives and asks for five hours of my time

Last week a prominent software-as-a-service CRM vendor got heaps of coverage with their sale to a football team.

Today, four days after the dateline on the release, they got around to sending me the press release and a cute mini-football.

There was also an invitation to their next launch, which will take three and a half hours.

With travel time included, going to that event would be a five hour commitment.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time, if you ask me, especially as the already well-covered football team is again a component of the event, along with a (snore!) product launch.

A lot of the bulk comes from a celebrity who will speak for 50 minutes at the end of the event.

But even without that component, I’m filing this one under “too much time for too little return” and giving it a miss


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