Post Forty Seven: Dumb and dumberer when bits meet atoms

The saga of imported music is getting dumber and dumberer. Dumbererererererer even, if such a thing is possible.

In the USA, They Might Be Giants released their album, The Else, about two months back on iTunes only.

On July 10th (Tuesday, my time) it gets a CD release.

The online music store I bought it from here (Australia) will post me a copy tomorrow (July 9th) on CD before the US CD release by a token handful of hours for reasons I cannot explain.

Presumably it will go up on iTunes Australia too.

Even odder is the fact the local release will include a limited bonus CD that, from what I have seen of the track listing,  includes a whole bunch of stuff the band has already given away in its podcasts.

At least Australia will see The Simpsons Movie a whole day before the USA.

Why these discrepancies exist when Harry Potter VII will be released  everywhere in the world at the same instant is beyond me.

Surely it is easier to co-ordinate the digital release of music than it is to organise the schlepping through meatspace required to get books onto shelves.

Makes you wonder if anyone smart works in music! (Okay, that’s harsh but I said it and taking it back would be false.)


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