Post Forty Six: Bikers get it right

I try to ride a bicycle whenever possible. It’s fun and there are obvious benefits.

So why doesn’t everyone do it?

Laziness is one factor.

I also find the cycling lobby tends to be pretty sanctimonious with its promotion. And the clogging up of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge at peak hour is exactly the way to make yourself look like fringe ratbags.

I occasionally get into online spats with people by suggesting that the key message for cycling promotion should not be “it’s good, do it” and instead should focus on a message that shows people that they CAN make cycling a part of their lives without undue hassle or expense.

So the video below is pretty heartening to me because its depiction of all sorts of people cycling in all sorts of situations seems to me to be a far better attempt at promoting cycling than many other campaigns I have seen.

It’s quite fun too, and not a bad demonstration of a viral campaign.

Thanks to Spinopsys for the link.

One thought on “Post Forty Six: Bikers get it right

  1. First!

    Agreed, in fact I have a half written post sitting in the lineup that argues it may be time to wind up Critical Mass. The CoS is on track now with it’s bike plan and it has broad acceptance, we (cyclists) have won, all that’s left is the policy nitty gritty.

    New messages are being crafted now, all more positive in their impact that a monthly CM ride.

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