Post Forty Three: On the willingness to surrender control and its role in Web 2.0

I’ve just installed a great piece of software called “Twitbin“that takes and basically embeds it in FireFox.

No more visits to the twitter site – I can do everything bar a few functions I do not use just  a coupla hundred pixels to the left of where I am typing now, I presume via some  RSS and web services.

My first reaction to this is that it must be a really brave company that is willing to surrender control of its service in this way.

But after a while I thought to myself that these days it is probably an even braver company that does not surrender control in this way. Content is content. Why not let people access it how they want to? I’m beginning to think this idea is as important to Web 2.0 as anything else. Maybe more important, in fact. User-generated content, after all, has actually been around for yonks. User-generated services are only just beginning.

This means I really must make more of an effort to get Pipes and PopFly working … even though my brain tends to bounce of anything requiring even the most basic coding. Can anyone out there re-wire my brain?

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