Post Forty: How to attract search engines

So far I think it is fair to say that this blog has not had a huge impact on the world.

Fair enough.

But strangely, if you search Google for “The Man Who Invented Electricity” this site comes up as the third-ranked page as they pick up Post Thirteen.

I’m getting a hit most days on that search term. Hence the title of this post – I wonder if it has the same effect or if the crowd of content on this subject makes it a dud.

Anyway … the fact I’m getting hits on that term has quickly led me to understand a couple of bloggers I know who have gotten into hit-hunting, partly by being a frequent poster elsewhere and partly by doing clever things with keywords.

I think I shall go down the latter route.

The other option is to be very controversial – the most hits this blog has had is on the post that names the naughty PR companies who are bad at email list management. But I’m not sure that’s for me.


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