Post Thirty Three: The Phantom Menace

PR: Come to our event where we will discuss the terrible risks to business posed by the APEC summit.

Me: What are the risks?

PR: Business continuity

Me: Sorry? I don’t get it. How does the APEC conference threaten business continuity?

PR: Ummm

Me: The city will shut down for a day. What’s the business continuity risk in that? It’s just one day!

PR: There’ll be experts there to explain it.

Me: What will they explain? What’s the threat?

PR: So you’re not coming?

Anyway … this is one of the things I will need to recount in my session next week about working with freelancers.

As I have written before, attending this event on offer above is asking me to give up an awful lot of time without the pitch offering adequate indication of the potential payoff. The fact there’s a bit of a non-sequitur here made my decision easier!

If I had a job I’d probably think differently about it because I may well have the time to drop in without the payoff being obvious.

But when you work for yourself, the decision is different.


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