Post Thirty Four: Wow! TwittyTunes is great!

I’ve used FoxyTunes for a while. For those of you who do not know it, the program is a plug-in for Firefox and IE that puts a small control panel for your media player in the browser.

I’ve come to rely on it more than I use iTunes.

Anyway … yesterday FoxyTunes added TwittyTunes which lets you make a post out of whatever you are listening to in two clicks.

Best of all, that post automatically includes a link to the FoxyTunes Planet service that scrapes the Net and finds YouTube clips, lyrics, Last.FM and Pandora recommendations based on the tune you just posted to Twitter. An example of such a page is here. More will pop up over on the right there in the ‘Blog within a Blog’ as I use it more.

Why do I love this? Ease of use! The one-button initiation is so simple that I now feel far more inclined to continue further exploration.

Thank you, TwittyTunes!

UPDATE: Oh man, it gets better. TwittyTunes also picks up the web page you are browsing and puts it in a Twitter post too. Unreal!

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